In a world drowning in information and thirsting for genuine connection,  Eric Saperston and the Live In Wonder project are humanizing the internet by offering glimpses into peoples lives that transform, uplift and inspire.  To learn more, read Our Mission.


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Send Your Enemies Glitter!

A phenomenon is occurring and for now, my faith has started to be restored in our civilization. I opened up my iPad this morning to see a bounty of articles, Facebook posts, and a viral movement based...

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2014 was the year of not going it alone.

Happy New Year everyone! I'm sure most of us have read about the best of lists from 2014 and the predictions for 2015. List are everywhere in our Twitter and Facebook feeds - The best this, the best t...

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2015 Challenge: #Wonder365

As we prepare and set our intentions for 2015 and say goodbye to the past and 2014, we at Live In Wonder are setting a challenge for ourselves and all of you! This new year of 2015, we will each post ...

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The Time Inbetween

  When Eric first approached me about coming on the road on a National Press Tour, my heart blossomed with possibilities. I have always been a woman rich with wanderlust. To me there is nothing m...

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