wonder, a cause of surprise, extraordinary achievement, or remarkable phenomenon; to be filled with awe, amazement, and marvel, vision, to ask a billion people one question: what inspires you to live in wonder, why a billion, there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, as 1 out of 7 people remember to do more of what inspires them to Live In Wonder, we will change the world, what's next, do more of what lights you up, inspire others to do the same, for more wit, wisdom and wonder, sign up below.

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five ways to participate, 1 be yourself and share your joy, excitement and wonder with everyone you meet, 2 take a picture and send us a photo of you answering the question, "what inspires you to live in wonder?", 3 need inspiration? check out our award winning feature film, "the journey", be inspired by our best selling book, "Live In Wonder and please visit the gift shop: all proceeds go to fund the dream, further good causes and fuel all of our adventures, 4 know someone wonderful? participate in the "wonder awards", sign up on our website to nominate extraordinary people and organizations who are causing, creating and igniting more wonder in the world, honorees will be celebrated on our social media network, as well as live events in cities near you, 5 share this website with your friends and family and connect with us on social media too, together, let's inspire a billion people to live in wonder, #liveinwonder

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