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In a world drowning in information and thirsting for genuine connection,  Eric Saperston and the Live In Wonder project are humanizing the internet by offering glimpses into peoples lives that transform, uplift and inspire.

Guiding Principles For Our Mission

We Bring People Together 

Common interests and beliefs create environments for progress and innovation.  We believe that everyone need to find those who share common ground and lessons to improve communities and our connections.

We honor and celebrate people’s stories

Stories bring lessons to life.  From the dawn of civilization, humans have been telling stories to share ideas, establish identity, and create community. As technology drives the world to a more virtual reality, we seek to reconnect to one another authentically. We do so by gathering footage of individuals unrehearsed sharing glimpses into their desires, insights, and wisdom.  Our interactive forum provides a place where we can all share, nourish, and support one another's experiences and adventures.

We love music

Music brings people together in ways that few other things can.  We seek out incredible musicians who have written original songs in their own authentic voices about subjects that uplift and inspire us to pursue new goals and higher purposes.  Our curation of musical talents scale from buskers on the street to multiplatinum musicians who support Live In Wonder's goal to share inspiration.

We support people on their adventure

It is common to believe that you alone need to make your way through the world. We at Live In Wonder know this to not be true. Everyone needs encouragement; everyone needs support.  As we travel, connecting with strangers on the road and in our communities, we have found that in our differences, we all have common truths. By opening a dialogue, connecting with those who are different and hearing what they have to say, we may be surprised by how similar we are.

These truths need to shared and encouraged. By creating a culture in which there is no "Me" and "You", but rather a "Us", anything becomes possible and any seeker has access to information.

Live In Wonder in leading by example, through our Book, Apparel, and Content, we seek to be a pillar of encouragement and support for you as you go forth in your greatness.


Live In Wonder is a place to feel good and be inspired

Live In Wonder's mission is to share inspiration. We vow to provide an uplifting space where everyone can participate, be inspired, and support one another.  Submit your comments, stories and personal videos to help others feel good and get the the inspiration they need to push on or just smile on a not so perfect day.

Inspiration isn't only about achieving the big, it's also about enjoying the small.

The world is an incredible place

So often we are mired in the mundane of our daily grind and places that we forget that the world is so much bigger.  When we get into a routine and go through the actions, we begin to limit the possibilities of what is available next.  Our mission is to highlight the wonder that is in your present life, as well as the infinite possibilities of your future. In this community, we wish to support one another, no matter where in the spectrum you fall. If you are traveling, share your photos.  If you are learning something from someone else, share your story.  If you are in your daily routine, share inspiration from your everyday or come and be inspired by those who are doing what you seek to do!

If everyone spends the time to share their personal experiences then we can all learn to appreciate our differences and drive towards our goals to Live In Wonder.


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