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The Team

Eric Saperston


“Your life is an adventure. Don’t quit your daydream. Do excellently whatever it is you are doing. Ask for what you need. Learn. Adjust. Keep going. Speak your possibility into the world. Prove to everyone who believed in you that they were right.".

Sarah Thompson


“Travel light and traverse far. Build your nest of gratitude, treat every moment as sacred and send out the love you desire in return. Speak your truth and explore your everyday.”

Devin Lebrun

Ring Leader

“Live an integrated life. Love without boundaries. Stay open to all possibilities. Let collective wisdom be your guide. Go all-out to share your gifts. Die knowing you made a difference.”

Peter Harding

Band Mate

“Witnessing others doing what they were put on this earth to do is what inspires me most. It reminds me to stand in my own gifts, and most importantly share them with the world.”

Shelley Friesland

Mother Hen

"Always have a sense of humor and try not to take things too seriously. A lot of wonderful things happen and doors can open when you're able to laugh your way through this thing called life."

Robert Polay

Common Cents

 “Artists have the ability to share the truth of their hearts and souls with the entire world. Express yourself through music, sports, movies, words, and numbers. It only matters what feels right to you. The level of human achievement that can be accomplished with divine talent, passion, and discipline is amazing.”  

Kathleen Kelly

Fellow Traveler

"Live in curiosity, have the courage to be a more loving version of yourself each day, and listen to what people aren't saying. Sleep more, enjoy every season, play with your friends, make time for family, take that adventure, clean up your mess and be of service."

Denis Lebrun


“A vivid imagination comes to life through illustrations. Each one speaks a non-verbal, universal language that connects the artist and interpreter. Let creativity be the guide to keeping your child-like imagination alive.”


Miles Cooley


Mark Beltzman


Patrick Jones

Business Strategy

Jared Levy

Social Change

Jeanne Angelhart

Social Responsibility

Steve Berg

Venture Finance

Greg Yoder

Intellectual Property

Danny Gutknecht

Organizational Culture

Marshall Goldsmith


Ed Adler

Business Strategy

David Fried

Business Law

Solitaire Wilkins


Bhimi Cacey

Online Marketing

Henry Winkler


Keith Rinzler


David Murcott

Business Strategy

Sam Small


Danielle Ramieres

Graphic Design

Shep Gordon


Zhena Muzyka


Jacob DeVaney

Social Media

Perry Julien


Francesco Greco

Business Strategy

Seth Heine

Business Development

Ariel Bennaroch


Tyson Caffo

Digital Assets


Patrons of the Arts

Mirabella Love

Susan Schmitt

Rochelle Saperston

Beverly Depasquale

Francine and Jerry Gardberg

Linnea Spears-Lebrun

Scott Carlin

Whispering Winds Bamboo

Joe Patterson

Emily and Jon Gatrell

Emilio Diaz Barroso

Friends of the Journey

Tamalyn Baldwin

Tom Carter

Tony Ellis

Waldo Waldman

Vishal Modha

Steven Tyler

Dave Long

Dominic Carruba

Neil Hasegawa

Melissa Verbana

Noah Pawlinger

Mark & Megan Duvall

Jacob Quoc Nguyen

Weird Al Yankovic

Franni Green & Melanie Carlone

Jason Mraz

Amanda Guyer Trivino

Dan Wyatt

JP Love & Gina Barraco

Adam Saperston

Eric Thompson

Deborah Coons

Tom Johnson

Jay Gouliard

Stephaine & Suna Miller

Laura Stuart & Robert DeSpain

Rising Appalachia

Pablo Garza

Kelsey Faery

Kenneth McKnickle

Truth Wingfield

Alex Obed

Nicholas Domingo

Matt Davis

Tim Clark

Cory Glory

Suzy Kussner

Jyoti Levy

Jeremy & Amanda Von Heidle

Les & Gerri Badden

Ashley Whittaker & Kemy Joseph

Dan & Carol Fetzer

Brad Syna

Courtney & Bo Trammel

Brendan Jaffer-Thom

Pat & Shine Simmons

Richard Lowy

Abner Nevarez

Kevin & Jenna Spellman

Richard Lagarde

Jeremy Farrell

Kayden Radhe

Deborah Tenenbaum & Fred Spring

Ehren Cruz

DJ Orndorff

John Jay Redden

Debrissa McKinney

Corey Jay

Annie Claire

Breezy Voss

Chris Taylor

Becca & Dan Mussner

Eli Cali

Denise Kusmit

Emily Kunz & Katherine Dahm

Doug Everywhere

Emily Joy & Alvaro Ramirez

Hannah Wood

Fiona Anuweh & Turtle Way

Henry Kapono

Johnny & Sonny Sudak

Dan & Jael Rattigan

Maesyn Muse

Mike Schibel

Solana Tao & Greg Suekoff


Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Sonya Costello & Heather Sellers

Teresa Martinez

Sugar Day & Wally Bomgaars

Wayne Hikiji

Trey Crispen

Kate Hawke

Hallina Bletzer

Ray & Travis Riley

Colin Martin

Jerry Isdale & Lorrayne Love

Jus Wright

String Cheese Incident

Trevor Hall

Martin Sexton

Vanessa Keating

Steve Feaster

Tommy Maher

Tobey Gralla

Stephanie Kvernmoe

Tash Elwyn

Sofia Thom

Amy & Seth Weiner

Ryland Engelhart

Matthew Human

Michael Feyrnand

Nahko Bear

Mike Pniewski

Nick Maricich

Scott & Rachel Macsemchuk

Jim Neal

Jon Morro

Kai Chow & Jes Murthi

Lisa Bond

Learan Kahanov

Kevin Canella

Keith Ka'la

Gabe Marihugh

Don Chambers

JP Parker

David Morris

Jester Featherman

Daniel Pollack

Jennifer Keller

Heather Insera

Jeff Segal

Gordon Fuller

Gemma Valesquez & Murray Cruickshank

Gaile Lynn

Damon Schrotberger

Colin Gill

Dean Wong

Cliff Lovette

Bert Weiss

Billy Planer

Bootzie Alexandra

Christopher Breedlove

Andrew Levander

Eufemia & Cesar Ortiz

Alon Gelcer

Marty Gross & Claudia Cortadi

Skip Matheny

Stu Smith

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